Our Charity Partner

As you may know, earlier in the year we launched a charity partnership at our UK Coach Awards with the Family Holiday Association. We wanted to find a charity which resonated with our partners and where we knew we could make a real difference.
There is such a natural fit between our two organisations to help the charity in a crucial area by doing what we do best - providing coach travel for families in real need of some respite.
Knowing we are an industry with a big heart, we have set ourselves a target this year, to work with our industry colleagues and help provide 200 families with a precious day out at the seaside or tourist attraction.
The partnership got off to a fantastic start at the awards with a brilliant raffle, thanks to the wonderful prizes you all donated. And not only this, but nearly 50 of you responded saying you would be interested in donating coach travel for families which is just wonderful.
The charity team are following up with these responses and we are delighted to say that we have already reached 100 families who will be able to get a precious day out, out of our target of 200.
With your wonderful support and passion, we are sure we can reach 200 families by the end of the year. For more information on the partnership or to let us know how you can help,
visit the page here.

Together we can help more families find sunshine through the rain.

What can Coach Operators do for FHA

The Family Holiday Association provide very much needed breaks and respite to families who would otherwise not get these. The Coach Industry is in an ideal position to provide help directly to the families who need it. So please visit our page above which hasĀ  some suggestions should you wish to help in some way;

Thank you!